Chronic Disease Management in Rural India

MediMetry appoints sanchalaks for its pocket clinics, and train them to work with our local team to identify chronic disease patients & to onboard them.

MediMetry Healthcare

Focus: Chronic Disease Management

We set up Pocket Clinics in the rural areas and these are run by MediMetry's clinic sanchalaks.

The MediMetry pocket clinics work on the “high-quality low-cost healthcare” model. The treatment program is preventive and wellness-focused for chronic disease management.

Real Time Patients Data

The doctors, the diagnostic center, the patients, and the pocket clinic sanchalaks, all see the patient data in real time for instructions, medicines, compliance records, and payments.

Drug Compliance for Disease Management

Our core objective is to educate patients on drug compliance, timely follow up, and make small adjustments in their life-style and diet. Our wellness coaches work for the real disease management goals.


Your Health Status Data in Your Hands

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