x-ray exposure in pregnancy

I’m 5 weeks pregnant now with second baby. One child’s age is 1.7 years. When I got pregnant, I didn’t knew and I was exposed to x-rays for 2 full days for a total of around 5 times. Will those x-ray exposure in pregnancy have any impact on my fetus and will the pregnancy be normal. I also took second opinion here in Qatar (Arab) but not getting satisfactory answers. They are even not sure whether to continue or discontinue pregnancy.


x-ray exposure in pregnancy
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    Every female when pregnant has 3% risk of fetal malformations and 15% risk of miscarriages. This risk increases with high risk family history. Risk to pregnancy with X ray depends upon the dose and duration of exposure. Usually radiation of more than 10 rads is harmful and can lead to defects. Majority of the X rays expose you to radiation of milli rads strength and maximum exposure is with CT scan 800millirads.
    Usually embryo is exposed when X ray is done on abdomen , pelvis, hip, bladder etc. Other X rays cause lesser radiation exposure. Well you need to discuss with the radiotherapist about the extent of exposure you had.
    You only can decide whether you want to take a chance of continuing pregnancy if exposure was in safe limit or not.

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