Why my baby refuses suddenly to bottlefeed ?

Hi my 3 month old child has suddenly stopped taking milk from Bottle. We just gave him his vaccination due at 2.5 months on Aug 20. He is only taking breast milk and sometimes asking for very frequent feeds. All this while he was taking both nicely . He is Also passing Less urine. I have to check if he is losing any weight.plz advice ?

infant feed with cow milk


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  1. Good morning Ankita and thank you for your consultation.Have you changed the bottle or formula which is to be given to baby?This change must be transitory and baby will start accepting feeds soon.Person other than mother should try giving bottlefeed to baby.Avoid giving bottlefeed during baby's time of breastfeeding. If baby refuses bottle do not immediately give breastfeed as it will prolong refusal.Avoid giving bottle feeds at place where you breastfeed baby.Baby will accept.Take it as a challenge not problem.Regarding urine output passing urine 6-7 times a day is sufficient. Do not worry.WHO recommends exclusive breastfeeding till 6 months of age.Take care and regards!
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    Thanks a lot doctor. Can vaccination be a reason that the child is unsettled? He is also constipated (doctor gave him ofm syrup and walamycil as he was passing frequent stool with mucus) and has cough too ( giving piritexyl). He had been taking bottle feed prior to vaccination but now is taking breast feed only.
  3. Vaccination usually causes fever and pain at site of injection.As baby is unwell it is possible baby's intake of bottle feeds has decreased.Wait till baby recovers completely.If it still persists then a detailed evaluation may be needed.Best luck!