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  1. Hello and thank you for posting us at Medimetry?Baby's head temperature is more than his body temperature and baby's sweat to maintain body temperature.A warm bath,overdressing or physical exertion all can raise baby temperature.Do not overdress baby.Babies are comfortable at temperature you are comfortable.Keep baby in cotton clothes.If body temperature is above 100degress F then it is worrisome.In that case you need to see a doctor.Hope it helps.Keep us posted Best wishes and take care!
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    Thanx man
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    Mam my 7 month baby constipated after starting solid food.. what to do ?
    he is passing poo.. in 2 - 3 days but very forcefully n its very hard.
  4. Hi Deepika solid foods can cause constipation in few infants.I suggest that you give baby boiled mashed green vegetables,mashed fruits and apple juice.That will help in baby pass soft stools.Continue with breast feeds along with this feeding.It should improve with that.Hope this helps Best wishes and regards!