White patch and itchiness on scrotum.

Doctor, I have small white patch with red border opposite the scrotum area (basically on inner side of thighs).Have itchiness on scrotum. And in the evening it gets very itchy and there is a mild flaky skin on the scrotum. After application of some anti-fungal cream it doesn’t itch. But as soon as its effect is over, it starts itching again. Please help.

White patch and itchiness on scrotum.

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  1. hi Rohil
    welcome to medimetry
    thanks for writing to us
    most probably you are suffering from tinea infection
    have you applied some other cream apart from antifungal like betnovate or lobate?
    kindly send me the pics to interpret better?
    usually tinea infection is red area with advancing border..it have scaling too
    it has become white most probably skin have become atrophied
    you can start with tinea treatment
    tab tyza 250 mg 1 tab daily after breakfast * 2 weeks
    tab safecet 5 mg 1 tab daily after dinner* 10 days
    onabet cream twice daily to be applied over the area
    please let me know if you have any queries