Which formula feed nan pro 1 or dexolac ?

My 2 month old baby is on formula food. I am not having breast milk from day 1. He has constipation on Dexolac premium. So we have switched to nan pro 1 and after using that he has vomiting from 3rd day. We have taken him to hospital and doctor gave him domstal and enterogermina. Now i am confuse whether to use dexolac or nan pro. Please help me.


Which formula feed nan pro 1 or dexolac ?

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  1. Hello and thank you for your question.Was your baby also having loose motions along with vomiting while on Nan Pro?It could possibly be due to a viral infection or transient lactose intolerance due to lactose content in Nan Pro.Usually it subsides on its own and you should not worry.Continue with medications as advised by your doctor.You can give him Nan Pro and wait and watch.In case there is any vomiting or diarrhea again then he may be needed to be switched to soy based formula milks after your doctor confirms about Lactose Intolerance.Meanwhile do not worry and initiate feeding in your baby.I hope this information is useful to you.Do write back to us again with more questions.Take care!