Whether medicines to be continued after Angioplasty?

Angioplasty was done on 18.03.2016 after an attack .Since then following medicines are taken regularly – Prax.Dilsem. Amlopress . Cardace 5.cardace H .Ecospirin.Novostat 50.&Janumet50/1000. My BP is 160/100 . Lipid profile is below normal with total cholesterol 95 . Hba1c – 6.3. No chest pain or other related problems after angio. Whether this much of medication to be continued ?



Family Physician

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  1. User
    Date of angio was 18.03.2015.
  2. Thanks for posting your query to us at Medimetry
    Yes please continue the medicines. Only upon further consult with your doctor could you change the medications.
    Has your BP remained the same or has it increased?
    Do let me know.

    Live healthy!
  3. User
    My BP is constant for the past 20 years . ie, 160/100 or 150/90 always
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    I am regularly consulting with Cardiologist . He is of the opinion that these medication to be continued life long