When does baby position stops changing during pregnancy?

I am 39 weeks pregnantn and had an ultrasound when 37 week 1 day pregnant and

the baby position was cephalic at that time but now I am feeling as it is transverse.

Is it possible that baby position changes during this period so quickly?

When does the baby stop changing position?


When does baby position stops changing during pregnancy?
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  1. Hello Dear,

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    Baby's lie what you call position usually becomes stable by 34 weeks.
    If baby is small or liquor is plenty or patient is a multipara with bigger space and less muscle tone or uterine malformation or short or long cord and many a times without any known cause also, it may change.
    Well sometimes when patients perceive it as transverse it may not actually be. So check it with doctor in each visit and the position when labour starts will not change.
    Hope this answers your query. Feel free to write back to us with follow-up questions.
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