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  1. Good afternoon M/s..Shayna.Please let me know at what month of pregnancy miscarriage occured .was it spontaneous or following trauma or hectic journey?If it was between 12 to 16 wks then blleding and pain followed by miscarriage or leaking of watery substance followed by miscarriage.
    Did you have a D&E&C done at that time then let me know the Histo pathology report.
    Do you have any blood report done at that time?
    What is your and your husband's blood group and Rh typing.
    Your age, body wt and height ?
    How long you are married.
    Any past history of major illness or sugery?
    Family history of Hypertension or Diabetes?
    All the above informations are required before I can give you proper advice.
    Best wishes.
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    I have had dnc after my miscarriage I had happened in 11 the week..blood tests n rh and all other blood reports were husband family have diabetes n my parents have bp. I had 1st abortion after a month if my marriage which as planned.i am married since last 3yers I will be 29 now and I weigh I have no medical issues
  3. Thanks.If all the previous reports were normal you can go ahead.
    Once you miss the period be on rest and avoid journeys,heavy work and sex and get urine examined for pregnancy at least 45 days after 1st day of the last period.
    You can start taking Tab.Folvite 1 tab daily from now on.
    Best of luck and good wishes.