What to do for 6 months baby passing liquid stools ?

Hello my daughter would be six months old ,  since five days we have started giving her cerelac wheat apple and biscuits in milk as she is not taking feed from bottle also she is on teething and I am a working woman. Yesterday she had three poo out of which one was liquid. Please advise can something be done ?



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  1. Hello Dhara and welcome to Medimetry.I understand your concern and anxiety.During teething babies are prone for diarrhea because they pick up everything and anything and put it in mouth to ease the discomfort.In this way they pick up the bacteria and catch infection.Sterilise all things which they put in mouth.Regarding diet I advise you to give baby home made foods compared to commercially available products.Give dalrice well cooked mashed,boiled mashed vegetables and fruits.Give sufficient liquids and keep a watch on baby's urine output.Give baby ORS at least 60-70 ml after every loose motion.Continue with breastfeeding.Do not worry.If it persists or increases get baby examined to rule out any gastrointestinal infection.Hope this information helped you.Take care!