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    At this age, feeding your baby might get messy as babies tend to hold things in their hands and eat themselves. You should not hinder that process and let them learn. These are the items which you can include:
    1. Offer grains in the form of bread or toast sandwiches or soft chapatti along with avocado, peanut butter or cream cheese, cooked pasta and savory biscuits.
    2. Offer your baby boiled eggs, strips of well cooked chicken and fish, pieces of well cooked meats, cubes of tofu, cooked meat or fish can be finely chopped and mixed with mashed potato.
    3. Fruits in the form of chopped banana and strawberries, large sticks of watermelon (after seeds removed). Orange or mandarin segments diced and mixed fruit or peach slices. Also include grated or soft stewed apple or peered grapes.
    4. Soft, cooked, cubed or sticks of vegetables including pumpkin, zucchini, potato, and broccoli. Thick and mashed potato (prefer rolling into balls). Offer legumes like baked beans and cooked beans like kidney beans, cannellini beans.
    5. In dairy products, offer your baby cubed or grated cheese along with milk and yogurt.

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