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  1. Hello Pooja. Welcome to Medimetry.
  2. Pooja, in general during pregnancy you need to increase your food intake nutrient wise more than your current intake. Increase your vegetable and fruit portion for immune development, increase your whole grain intake to meet the high energy demands of fetus and your body, increase your protein intake by eating pulses, legumes, sprouts, soya egg etc for fetus's physical development and to maintain your body protein levels. Include nuts like soaked almonds. walnuts to meet omega 3 fatty requirement. Control on plain sugar , deep fried foods, oily foods, deep fried non veg, meat, bakery foods, refined foods as they provide only energy with less or no nutritional value. Eat a balanced meal of whole grain, vegetable, pulse and dairy in your major meals. Drink atleast 500 ml of milk or its product daily to suffice the calcium requirement of you and your fetus. Along with this pattern of healthy eating, you need to continue taking multivitamin tablet prescribed by your physician to bridge the nutrient gap. Lastly, drink plenty of plain water to rehydrate your body as well as help the nutrients reach them fetus. Hope you find this helpful. Feel free to contact in case of any more queries.