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  1. Hello and thank you for posting us at Medimetry.What is your child's height and weight?There can be many causes of inadequate weight gain.It could be genetic if parents are thin and weak.If your baby is very active he might be burning extra calories and not able to gain weight.Food allergies,gluten intolerance are few conditions which can affect the absorption of food and lead to inadequate weight gain.Zinc deficiency leads to decreased sense of smell and taste affecting overall growth and development of a child.Defficiency of Iron,vitamin B12 and folic acid are few other causes leading to decreased appetite and weight.If your baby is active and doing well I do not think there is anything to worry.You may get him examined by a Paediatrician to rule out above mentioned causes.Give him a nutritious diet rich in fruits,vegetables,milk and milk products.Please keep me posted on your child's health.Take care and best wishes!