What should i do to gain weight and look perfect ?

My height is 5.9inch and weight are65 kg and age23 yr
Weight is OK according to height and age but fat is lower so I look thin
I guess my allneggy burning radio is high so what is do for gain fat? For looking fit and perfect

gain weight


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  1. Hello PK. Welcome to Medimetry
  2. To achieve a balance of muscle and fat mass, you should eat a balanced healthy diet. Include visible oil upto 7 teaspoons (35 ml) per day in your meals. Include fat sources like almonds, walnuts and dryfruits to provide your body with essential fatty acids. Eat timely and small frequent meals. Exercise about 1/2 an hour to assimilate the protein and fats in your body. Incorporate dairy foods like milk, paneer, cheese etc to a certain extent daily, also add 2-3 fresh fruits everyday to your meals. Avoid junk foods and refined foods to stay away from gaining unwanted fat mass. Hope you find this helpful. Feel free to contact in case of any more queries