What should i do for reducing weight ?

Hie.. I am Rahul my weight is 100 kg.. I am facing lots of problem because of weight.. I tried a a lot to reduce weight but I can’t because whenever I do exercise I don’t have stamina to do full exercise And while doing exercise my heartbeat also increases What should I do ?



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  1. Hello Rahul. Welcome to Medimetry
  2. Rahul your weight definitely needs to be reduced to improve your stamina for the exercise. Firstly, go for a meal replacement option for first 4-5 months. After which slowly you can switch over to a balanced diet with high proteins. Meal replacement means replace your major meal example dinner with meal replacers like Obesigo or Medislim in a glass of low fat milk. Rest of the day follow a regular breakfast and lunch and 1 snack which have healthy options like whole grains, vegetables, pulses and sprouts. Follow compulsory a 30-45 mins of walk. Practice pranayam on weekends or whenever you get time. After a substantial weight loss, slowly remove the meal replacer and follow a regular high protein meal with inclusion of sprouts and pulses, eggs optional. But let the exercise be a part of your routine. Weigh yourself every month. This will motivate you to achieve your target. Hope you find this helpful. Feel free to contact in case of any more queries