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  1. Hello and thank you for posting us at Medimetry.There is no fixed set of movements that a fetus should have.It varies in every woman.Usuallly at 22 weeks you can feel baby kicks and movements sometimes more and sometimes less.There are periods when fetus will be moving and times when fetus will be at rest.Gradually you will understand your baby's movements and its pattern.If on a particular day you feel that the fetus is moving less you may try lying down on left lateral position for few hours and concentrate on his movements.You can try taking a snack,drinking a cold drink or listen to music.These can stimulate movement in the fetus.If inspite of lying in left lateral position for 2-3 hours you are unable to feel any movement its best to see a doctor and discuss your concerns.A clinical examination and may be a sonography may be needed in that situation.Hope this information helped you.Do write back to us with more queries.Good day and take care!