What should be baby position while drinking formula milk?

Hi, My baby girl is 6 months old. I want to start giving her formula milk i e. nanpro. Please tell me the method to prepare nanpro formula milk. What should be her position while drinking milk from bottle. Should i make her sit or just lie down on my lap? How many time should i feed the baby in a day with formula milk?



What should be baby position while drinking formula milk?

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  1. Hello and welcome to Medimetry.For making Nanpro add the required amount of boiled and cool water in bottle.After that add the required quantity of milk powder in the bottle.Shake the bottle.Always feed baby with baby in your lap,cradle baby's head on your arm and with other hand place bottle in baby's mouth.Never give milk in lying down position since it can spread to middle ear and cause infection.Tilt bottle completely till it fills the nipple,avoiding air to go in baby's mouth.By 6 months baby may be taking 180-230 ml every 4-5 hours.Continue to breastfeed too.If baby is already 6 months old introduce one cereal and pureed fruits and vegetables .Introduce one new food at a time and wait for few days for any allergic reaction before introducing another food.To help determine baby is taking enough follow well baby checkup where baby's weight,height will be monitored.I hope I answered all your queries.Keep me posted.Take care and regards!
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    Thnq mam.is there any specific quantity for water and milk powder for preparation?
  3. Hi and nice to hear back from you.There are specific instructions given on Nanpro to make it and it should be used as directed.There's a feeding table on Nanpro can based on the age group ,which has all information on how much ml water to be added and scoops of milk powder.Please follow that.Thanks and regards!