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  1. Thanks for writing. To know your exact ovulation time consult some experienced Gynaecologist.Ovulation time can be detected by-basal body temperature, cervical mucus study and by Ultrasound study. You can plan sex once you know your ovulation time exactly. All the best.
  2. Thanks for writing to us.Easiest way to detect ovulation is to use Pregdate kit. In your case as you have 25days cycle examine your urine 2 hours after lunch with the kit from of period for 5 days.Since you have a 25 day cycle to calculate ovulation date first determine the date of next peroid which will be round about 14th.of May deduct 14 then your ovulation date will be round about 1stMay plus minus 2 to 3days.
    Other method are by ovulation study by USG.and Measuring the body temperature early in the morning when you get up and still on bed before washing your mouth that is called Basal Body Temperature.Other test can be done in OB&GYNAE clinic which your Doctor can guide you.I think I answered your question earlier as well.