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  1. Any term ITIS means inflammation.its inflammation of plantar fascia of sole of foot.fascia are band of tissue which holds the heel bone to bones of foot and toe.this fascia helps to maintain the arch of foot.there many different reasons when these fascia gets inflammes leading to pain in heel and buttom of feet becomes painful.The typical sign in this condition is pain when you stand after sitting or lying but later the pain becomes less after few steps of walk.The neglected condition leads develop calcaneal spur,which is an extra bony growth in buttom of heel.
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    Sir I have an X-ray saying calcaneal spur but my doctor says that it's plantar fascitis. The earlier doctor I refered to prescribed uric acid medicines to me but the latter one gave whole lot of medicines. Child you please suggest me what to do if it is calcaneal spur
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    Dr. please suggest! thanks
  4. Calcaneal spur can be managed by using silicon heels in closed shoes, use cold packs 2hourly atleast thrice a day...and take physiotherapy sessions of ultrasonic therapy....use well cushioned footwear...
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    Dr. Will these measures cure my problem 100%?
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    Is it swelling or increase in bone size?
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    How can increased bone become normal by cushioned heels and cold packs? Please suggest
  8. It is actually not increased bone but little extra calcium deposition which shows up as a bony outgrowth and it has no particular reasons too and calcaneal spur could be symptomatic and asymptomatic too irrespective of x-ray findings. So we focus upon the symptoms and treat it accordingly...
    You start following the above things and let me know further.