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  1. Thanks for consulting us.IVF is aprocess in which usually ovums are retrieved from the wife or donor and fertilised by sperm collected from husband or donor and subsequently embryo is transferred into uterus of the patient or surrogate mother for growth till delivery unless aborted.
    In broad sense the procedure is called IVF.
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    Total expendetor of i.v.f of medical.
  3. Thanks for consultation.It varies from center to center and depends on the procedure to be adopted.You may get help from imternet.
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    Pls give me minomum per possible.
  5. Roughly not less than 2 lacs.+ medicines and incidental expenses.It is an approximate estimation.Varies in different cities and nature of IVF as also experience of Consultants and facilities available there. Some centers offer packages.
    The estimate is just a rough one and author has not verified the same or would not be responsible for the interpretation or use of the same information in any way.You are to verify from the concerned center you chose.
    Best wishes.

  6. Correction.choose.