What is HC to AC ratio during pregnancy?

In the scan taken at 24 weeks and 2 days. The head circumference is 22.54 cms, abdominal circumference is 19.67 cms, estimated fetal weight 699 gms, femur length 4.38 cms, BPD 6.42 cms. What is the normal HC to AC ratio? Was there any chance for IUGR, since AC is less than HC?



What is HC to AC ratio during pregnancy?
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    The mean HC/AC ratio with +/- 2SD and percentile ranks is determined and presented in both graphic and tabular forms. The mean ratio is 1.207 at 14 weeks but decreased slowly until 30 weeks when the ratio is 1.110 thereafter there is a rather sharp fall in the mean ratio 1.010 at 36 weeks and 0.967 at 40 weeks and then the variability decreases. In your case it comes out to be 1.145. So within normal range.

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