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  1. Good evening Abhilasha.Thanks for your consultation.Before entering into any discussion on the matter please let me know
    1)your age and husbands age.
    2)Any history of birth of congenitally abnormal baby in your family.
    3)Serum level of Free Beta Human Gonadotropin level.
    4) N.T report in USG
    5)Serum Alfa Protein level and Oestriol level.
    Best wishes.
  2. Contd..please let me know your LMP and when the PAPP -A Test done that is at what gestational period.
  3. Dear Abhilasha , you can whatsapp your reports at +918800868744 , also please mention the name of Dr. Pradip as well as your name.
    Thank you!
  4. In the first trimester of pregnancy the PAPP-A level is, on average, low in Down's syndrome pregnancies (about half that of unaffected pregnancies), and the nuchal translucency measurement and free ß-hCG levels are, on average, high (about double that of unaffected pregnancies).

    In the second trimester AFP and uE3 levels are, on average, low (about three-quarters that of unaffected pregnancies) and inhibin and hCG levels are, on average, high (about double that of unaffected pregnancies).

    The concentrations of the markers vary with gestational age. In the first trimester PAPP-A and NT increase, while free ß-hCG decreases. In the second trimester AFP and uE3 increase, hCG decreases, and inhibin decreases before 17 weeks and increases after 17 weeks. Also, the measurement of serum markers may vary between laboratories. In order to take account of this variation, the concentration of each marker is expressed as a multiple of the median for unaffected pregnancies of the same gestational age (MoM).
    Blood to be examined for AFP level. Inhibin.and uE3. USG for Nuchal Translucenty should be done.
    Considering your age I would advice you to follow the advice of your Obstetrician and get the investigations and get screening done from time to time.
    Don't get unnecessarily tensed.
    Happy pregnancy.