What can be the treatment for 3 months child having stomach infection ?

My son 3 months child having stomach infection last week treated with antibiotic and was ok for 2 days but since last 2 days he is passing watery stool 3-4 tyms a day…. Hez on bm exclusively now….prior to infection he was on both fm and bm….almost after every feed ….. Is this normal? Hez passing urine frequently and not fussy…

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  1. Good morning Shalini and thank you for posting us at Medimetry.Passing watery stools with no mucus or foul smelling stools can be slight transitory change.As you mentioned baby is passing urine normally and is not fussy I do not thing there is anything to worry.Continue with exclusive breast feeds and maintain good hygiene by washing hands before handling baby.Stools will be of normal consistency soon.Take care and best wishes!
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    Thanks dr for ur reply....today morning he passed stool with mucus nd 2 tyms only lil mucus....wat culd b d reason
  3. It is normal to pass mucus in small quantity once or twice a day.Do not worry. If baby is uncomfortable and mucousy stools persist medication will be needed.