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    Dark circles can be quite difficult to treat.

    Hereditary seems to play a significant role. In allergy prone individuals, a condition or state of 'atopy' exists & these atopic individuals more often than not manifest with 'dark circles' under the eyes.

    It also depends a lot on your lifestyle pattern- diet, sleep, computer / TV use and stress. Stressors/ Strain due to working for long hours on computers & lack of sleep play a major role too.

    Dark circles due to thin under eye skin, the thin skin makes the blood vessels under the skin very prominent and hence this appears dark. You could benefit from using a cream containing Vitamin K and Retinol( EGA cream). Use it once a day for at least 3 months to notice a difference.

    Another important cause of undereye dark circles is Iron deficiency Anemia.
    So kindly get your haemoglobin level done and let me know the results.

    As can be judged from some of the reasons cited, good hydration, regular 6-8 hours of sleep, addressing stressors and a multivitamin and Iron supplement by themselves will go a long way in correcting this issue.

    Skin lightening cream containing glycolic acid, kojic acid, Vit C can be helpful in reducing the appearance of dark circles. Glycolic acid and Arginine peels are the two commonly used peels by dermatologists for undereye dark circles. You can try a few peeling sessions (6-8 sessions).

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    mem suggest me a cream name that can available in india rajasthan.
  3. Did you check for EGA cream?