What can be the reason for my delayed periods ?

Hey! Last december, that is december 2015, I had intestinal obstruction and leparoscopy was done by my doctor and he took out the blocked part. Later that part was send for lab testing and nothing came out as such and no specific reason came out for obstruction. But my doctor said this happened because of intestinal TB and he started my TB treatment on 25 december. I took AKT 4 for 3 months and in april I started with AKT 3. The problem I am facing rightnow is that my periods have become delayed. Till april everything was fine but then my periods got delayed 3-4 days in may… 7-8 days in june.. 9-10 days in july and i haven’t got my periods till now for the month of august and I am already 15 days late. Also my ultrasound was normal when I got checked for PCOS and I haven’t been sexually active for last 2 months which means I am not pregnant also. So what can be wrong with me? I am 22 and have been exercising regulary also. Too worried what is wrong now.


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  1. Good evening Chinki.Please let me know your height and weight.
    Please get your blood examined for
    1.Free T3 ,Free T4 andTSH
    2.Serum Prolactin level.
    3.Complete Haemogram including ESR.
    Please whats app your discharge certificate of previous surgery with relevant past investigation reports at Medi Metry with mention of attention of Dr.Pradip.
    Let me know if you have gained weight during these years.
  2. Dear User, You can whatsapp the reports at +918800868744, also please mention the name of Dr Pradip as well as your name.
    Thank You!