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  1. Hello Dilshad and thank you for your consultation.The common causes of loose motions are viruses,bacteria,parasites,food allergies or sensitivities,inflammatory diseases of the bowel.Teething can also cause diarrhea on and off in a baby.Diarrhea persisting since 1 month can lead to malnutrition and weakness in your child.If you are giving breastfeeding continue giving it.Diarrhea since 1 month needs to be investigated.A detailed history, clinical examination and tests like stool examination,stool culture may be needed.Treatment will depend on the cause.Antibiotics if there is infection are helpful.Zinc supplements are used in diarrhea since it helps in decreasing the severity of diarrhea.Take care of hygiene and drinking water and food ingested.Wash your hands before handling baby and feeding baby.Use boiled water.See a doctor. Take care and best wishes!