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    Antiphospholipid antibody syndrome (APS) is an illness that involves the immune system, and causes increased clotting of the blood. Normally antibodies, chemicals made by the immune system, are helpful in fighting germs or viral infections from outside the body. However in APS, the immune system makes antibodies that cause blood to clot abnormally. This may cause problems with the pregnancy.
    The manifestations of APS are variable. Most people will not have more than one of these problems:

    1) Recurring miscarriage
    2) Preeclampsia
    3) Insufficient function of the placenta causing poor growth of the baby and/or inability of the baby to tolerate labor
    4) Blood clot in an artery or large vein either during the pregnancy, or up to six weeks after the baby is born
    5) Stillbirth

    Once pregnancy is achieved, frequent doctor visits will be needed to:
    - Screen for preeclampsia,
    - Monitor the fetus with either nonstress test or biophysical profile
    - Ultrasound examinations every 3-4 weeks to check the growth of the baby.

    For patients on heparin, extra blood tests may be needed to adjust the dose depending on the type of heparin being used, and the past history of the patient.

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