What are the reasons for decreasing levels of polyhydramnios?

Hello, Doctor, I am 31 weeks, 15 days ago I was measured 23 cm with polyhydramnios and after 15 days the level has gone down and measured with 17 cm. Baby’s ultrasound is still showing duodenal atresia. All other reports are normal. But now my amniotic fluid level has started decreasing.

a. Can my baby have chance that he/she starts swallowing and the double bubble sign can fade away?

b. What are the reasons for decreasing levels of polyhydramnios? I read somewhere that main reason for polyhydramnios is that baby can’t swallow. Is it true?

I haven’t done amnio test as it has high risk.


What are the reasons for decreasing levels of polyhydramnios?
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  1. Hello Dear,

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    Duodenal atresia is a rare disorder and can be diagnosed on ultrasound by double bubble sign. Treatment for this is surgery only which is performed soon after birth with good success rate unless associated with other anomalies. If diagnosis is right, it won't fade away.

    Polyhydramnios in this case is due to non swallowing only and may be associated with diabetes. Alteration of fluid levels on ultrasound is normal. If AFI stays around normal limit as in your case, it is better. Get a fetal echo and detailed scan done to look for any associated malformations. If pregnancy advances well prefer to go for delivery at a well equipped centre where facilities of NICU are good under neonatologist and ensure preparations for surgery after birth with an expert.

    Hope this answers your query. Feel free to write back to us with follow-up questions.
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