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  1. Hello Monika and welcome to Medimetry.The need and requirement of top feeds and complimentary feeding varies in every child.After baby is 6 months of age he needs to be given dal water,rice water,boiled mashed green vegetables and boiled mashed fruits.The principle is that you start one food at a time and every week start a new good.Start with smal quantities and gradually increase the amount.Baby may not like initially because its a transition phase.But you should keep trying.If he's not accepting dal water give him rice water.Do not worry. Every baby's taste is different.Soon you will come to know what baby likes and give him accordingly.Take care and best wishes!
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    From some days she is not sleeping well.she takes little naps abt of 10 min and wakes up.she sleeps only 6-7 hours in 24 hours and becomes very irritable.she is on breastfeed. I don't understand why she is not sleeping. I tried all the ways to make her sleep like dim lights, no noise,and cooling in room etc.but all failed. Help me out of this ?