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    Early morning at 5.30 AM- Fresh up and take 250 mL lemon water (10mL lemon). Start free hand exercise or yoga. Then morning 6.30 AM you can either have a green tea or one piece of cream cracker biscuit.
    For breakfast at 8 AM, you can have porridge 100 g or two pieces of bread soaked in warm milk. Or you can have chana 50 g. Sugar free sweet 1 piece or you can have oat or dalia 100 g or flattened rice with curd. You can also have plain roti 2 pieces with dal and mixed vegetables.
    Kindly avoid pizza, burger and ready foods. There are more foods like idly, momo, puffed rice and rice flakes that you can have.
    Around 10 AM - You can have five slices of papaya or cucumber one piece. In total 100 g or vegetable stew.
    Lunch 12.30 PM - 2 piece roti, dal soup, gourd family sabzi, like papaya, bottle gourd, bitter gourd or beetroot, carrot, greens and enough fibers plus sour curd 50 g. You can take boiled egg or fish 50 g. No chicken or mutton or beef. For vegetarian can give have paneer 50 g and less intake of rice.
    Midafternoon 3 PM - Any clean soft fruit about 100 gm one piece or in the form of slices, salad or soupy product home made with less oil and less masala.
    Evening you can have green tea, cream cracker biscuit or puffed or rice flakes. No oil or nuts or dry fruits.
    Dinner should be taken at 9.30 PM. You can have rice 50 g and two pieces of roti along with light papaya curry or mixed vegetables 100 g curry, mainly plant based proteins to be taken. Dal 15 g and curd 50 g.
    Less oil to be used in cooking. You need to have very low salt diet containing less masala. Completely avoid fast foods, junk foods and outside foods.
    Mandatory - Free hand exercises or yoga should be done twice a day, both morning and evening. Having proper timely meal .
    Do not take any stress
    Disciplined lifestyle modifications will play a very important role in reducing your weight. Do not skip breakfast for long time or fasting for many days as it is harmful.
    No cold drinks or other beverages, cream based foods, biryani or any fried rice or similar high calorie food products.
    Avoid cake, pastries, ice cream or cream based foods. Fruits can be taken except banana, grapes and coconut but fruit juices are helpful.
    No local greens or sweets products but always fiber based foods like small quantity of cereals, pulses and less foods made with flour. Can have brown bread too.