Weight loss medicines

I got married 18 months ago. My weight is around 90 kg. My wife is also weighing 95 kg. We consulted a doctor for pregnancy for 5 months. She also treated us nicely but unfortunately my wife did not get pregnant. Our doctor adviced her to reduce weight and provided reshape tablets, but my wife weight did not get reduced. Kindly suggest us some good tablets for weight loss without side effects.

Weight loss medicines

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  1. Hi Lalitha.
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    I can understand your concern

    First of all Orlistat (Xenical) is a drug which may be useful for you. But, initially I would recommend you to go under natural treatment better to say meal planning or proper diet chart.
    Pills have lot of side effects like mainly spots or spotting in underwear or around your genital areas, urinary problems, gas, flatulence, irritable bowel movements, diarrhea, more types of gastric problem and disorders.
    This medicine must be used together with a low calorie diet.
    You check if you have any disorder like gallbladder problems, chronic malabsorption syndrome (an inability to absorb food and nutrients properly), diabetic, hormonal problems, liver, kidney, pancreatitis, gall stones and thyroid disease.
    I suggest you to start diet chart/plan as below:
    Take 1200 kcal/day which includes 600 kcal of light carbohydrate like 150 g rice/roti, brown bread, flakes, etc., 60 g protein like 200 ml milk, chana, paneer, soy products, sour curd, salad, 20 g of pulses and 20 g or 2 tablespoon oil only good quality mustard oil, safola, etc.
    6 AM - Early rise and walking, free hand exercises for 1 hour in the free air.
    8 AM - Breakfast - Light meal like tea, cream cracker biscuits and rice flakes/oat 50 g or vegetarian sandwich 100 ml milk and sour curd.
    10 AM - Salad and any fruit like guava/papaya four slices.
    1 PM - Lunch - 50 g rice and two roti, dal 15 g, fish/egg only white, curd, mixed vegetables 100 g.
    4 PM - Fruit two pieces or 200 g salad.
    6 PM - Tea and biscuit, flakes, etc. No fried and oily snacks.
    9 PM - Dinner - Roti 3, dal, paneer/fish 60 g, mixed vegetables 100 g, curd 100 g or milk.
    Do not eat fast food or outside food and no junks. Do not use excess oil, masala, fatty foods, butter, ghee or any saturated fats in meals.
    Avoid cold drinks, hard drinks, smoking, mutton, beef, briyani, any type of nuts, dry fruits and packed foods.
    Sleep only for 6 hours. Most important is work as much as possible or go for walking, jogging, free hand/yoga.

    Investigations to be done:
    Blood test, sugar profile, hormonal profile.

    Thanks for asking to MediMetry.