Weight loss diet

Doctor, I have started my gym. And I want to reduce overall body fat for clearing my abdominal muscles. Please tell me weight loss diet. I wanted to ask whether I can eat peas with protein and egg on daily basis as meal replacement. Any side effects like acidity, bloating or anything I will encounter? Please help.

Weight loss diet

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  1. Hello Himanshu.
    Welcome to MediMetry. I can understand your concern.

    To cut out the fat, i would like to suggest you to go for lean protein. you can take 3-4 egg white, chicken breast(if you are non veg) for protein intake. because it contain high protein, low carbs and very low fat.
    Alternatively you also take 150gm Paneer, 1 bowl of uncooked veggies,8-10 almonds to fulfill your daily protein intake.

    See,Acidity, Bloating everything depends upon how much you eat. If you are eating according to need of your body and consuming that in gym. then there will be no problem. But sometime for better result a person eats excessively.Then it maybe a problem.

    For more detailed discussion you can ask me in private chat.