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    I can understand your concern.

    The main motive for weight loose is to burn calories and reduce excessive fat from your body which can be done by various ways:
    Exercises which can help you to weight loss:

    1. Try to do cardio at alternate days.
    2. Go to gym and do physical exercises and cross fit.
    3. Try to make schedule of your regular exercises at gym.
    4. Eat according to your exercise schedule.
    5. Do stomach exercises which will help you to reduce fat quickly.
    6. Go for a morning walk because it also burn calories.
    7. Have a better sleep after exercises.
    8. Check your body fat percentage by which you can better understand that how much fat you have to reduce.

    To burn excessive fat, you have to follow some diet:

    1. Have protein rich breakfast.
    2. Have lime juice early morning empty stomach.
    3. Avoid junk food and fat rich diet like ghee and butter.
    4. Eat 3-4 servings of fruits and vegetables.
    5. Try to keep you dinner salt free for few days like wheat flakes or oats no vegetable.
    6. You can use cucumbers and Tomato as a snack.
    7. Eat lots of low calorie fruits n vegetable .
    8. Go for green tea.
    9. Exercise more than you eat.
    10. Drink 3-4 liter water a day.
    11. Intake of sugar should be less.

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