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    There is no perfect diet for all..... It is tailor made depending on individuals body composition, medical problems and daily routine.
    1. Be very determined to loose weight. Don't deviate from your path till you achieve your target.
    2. Take one step at a time.
    3. For three weeks.... give up junk, fried, sugar, sweets completely....have three home made meals with less of chapati and rice and more of sambhar and dals. Drink two to three bowls of sambhar, rasam or dals while eating and lots of salads and soup between if you are hungry try taking milk, sprouts, fruits or egg whites......start doing walking or exercises at least half an hour daily.......
    4. Instead of tea and coffee, try taking green tea without sugar.
    5. Once you loose little weight in three weeks you can further go on intense weight loss program.