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  2. Abdominal fat deposits due to sedentary activity or hereditary. But the best way to prevent it is by abdominal crunches. And few resistance exercises to tone your muscles. With diet, include a high protein intake to burn your extra fat. Cut down on junk foods and sugary beverages. Take a multivitamin tablet to bridge the deficiencies and be mobile as far as possible. Get up after every 2 hours from your chair and move around. Adopt brisk walk as your routine walking pattern and you will start getting the results soon. Hope you find this helpful. Feel free to contact in case of any more queries
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    I am working in nyt shift sir many times my foods not comfertable to me stomech whre upset and somthing happnd. I am tottaly dissappointed with that please guid me sir how to cure and what i am do..? My shift time is eve 5 to mrng 2 and mrg 3 to 4 i am workout in gymnasyam.
  4. Hello Panneerselvam. One suggestion can be you can carry a tiffin with proper balanced meal as mentioned above so that you can be safe from outside unhygienic foods. Second alternative can be eat a whole thali meal so that you get the necessary nutrition. Though second option is not as healthy as first but still part of Nutrition can be retained. So morning hours after your sleep, eat a healthy home food, proper protein intake as you go to gym as well. Include green tea or herbal tea to improve your immunity. As far as possible avoid the foods mentioned above to recover your health as soon as possible. Because shift changes would definitely interfere with your digestion. So you need to take care of the above mentioned guidelines. Hope you find this helpful. Feel free to contact in case of any more queries.
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    Okay Dr thank you for valueble advice.
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    Hi sir/mam
    I am already told my helth conditions how to reduce my abdominal fat please explain me clearly then which kind of vitamin tablet and that name....
    I am work at nyt shft almost finished 3years done. Now i àm feel little bit problm in my stomech and helth energy. What is my food time and how many time i ate food which kind of food better for me ?
    I request you... please advise me..
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    I already told about my health conditions & I want to reduce my abdominal fat. So wat type of vitamin tables do I need to take..please advise me.. Am working in nightshift for past 3 years.. But now I feel problems in my body .. Wat type of food I need to take and at wat timings I need take my ... Can u please advise me on this ...
  9. Hello Panneerselvam. The best way to lose your abdominal fat is abdominal exercises. No vitamin tablets alone will help you lose fat mass. You need to strictly follow a diet and exercise regimen. Make Your major meals like breakfast, lunch and dinner simple like only chapati + veg+ dal, no rice. Include a protein rich supplement in case you are not used to eating pulses daily. Include low fat milk in your breakfast. Include cereals like oats, ragi, daliya, whole wheat, preparations for your breakfast. Drink plenty of plain water in between meals. Whatever be Your shift, include a protein source in every meal like pulses, sprouts, dry roasted dals, soya and low fat milk. Hope you find this helpful. Feel free to contact in case of any more queries
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    Thank you for ur valueble response.
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