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  1. Hello Muqueet. Welcome to Medimetry. Since, you are not breastfeeding, follow these guidelines for weight loss. 1) Eat a high protein breakfast. Example- include eggs, dal preparations etc 2) Increase your intake of raw vegetables and complex carbohydrates like whole grains, pulses etc in your meals. 3) Drink herbal teas like lemon tea, green tea etc empty stomach early morning 4) Eat 1-2 fresh citrus fruits like lime, orange etc daily 5) Exercise is a must. Begin with stretching, followed by high intensity work outs like jogging, cycling, running etc. Exercise for about 45 mins daily without fail. Avoid eating refined foods like noodles, junk foods, sugars and sweets, deep fried oily foods. For a detailed diet plan to help you with your routine and flexiblilty, kindly go for a private consultation. Thank you.