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    Weight reduction is very simple process though it should be followed for 6 to 8 months for good result.
    Follow this diet for reducing weight.
    1.Morning: half cup of tea/ milk/ coffee.
    2.For breakfast: poha, uppit, paratha, rawa dosa, thalipith, etc. In small quantity.
    3.Milk products should be avoided: butter, paneer, cheese, meethai etc.
    4.Fermented food should be avoided: idli, dosa, uttappa etc.
    5.Tea should not be consumed more than half cup and 2 times day.
    6.Lunch: one chapatti of wheat with any of the following vegetable.
    Vegetables: Snake gourd, ladys finger, cauliflower, cabbage, bottle gourd, red pumpkin, ash gourd, cluster beans, drumstic, green peas, radish etc. Rice should be taken only once a day, in half of the current quantity.
    7.Evening: half cup of tea/ milk/ coffee.
    8.Dinner: as per lunch.
    9.Non-Veg and addictions like smoking drinking etc should be avoided.
    10.Salt and weight: 1 gm of salt retains around 60 ml of water in human body, hence, salt intake should be reduced substantially for good result in weight loss.
    11.Diet should be strictly followed for 3 to 4 months along with the medication and adviced Panchakarma Procedures.
    12 .Salads of radish, carrot, beat root, onion leaf, tomato etc. should be used.
    Feel free to consult privately for further information and treatment guidelines.
    Thank you.