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  1. Hello Gajanan, Welcome to Medimetry!!
  2. To begin with, can you please tell me your weight and blood cholesterol levels if you have checked them? Reason being, blood pressure and chest pain doesn't have specific diet restrictions but the diet is mainly towards weight and cholesterol levels.
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    Weight 60 Kg and tryglicaride 400
  4. Hello Gajanan,
    Sorry for the late response. Your weight seems fine but triglyceride level is very high.
  5. You need to cut down considerably on the fat intake. Avoid red meat altogether and decrease your intake of chicken (if you eat). Fish is good but not more than once a week. You can eat egg whites but not yellow. Reduce the intake of salt. Do not add salt to anything from the top. No papad and pickles at all. Vegetarian food is perfectly fine but should be cooked in minimum oil. Olive oil is preferred over groundnut oil. Avoid applying ghee over rotis. Take dry rotis.
  6. Roughly your diet plan can be like:
    Breakfast- One bowl of cereal or poha or upma.
    Lunch- 3-4 rotis, one bowl of vegetables, one bowl of daal, one bowl of salads and one bowl of rice.
    Mid Meal- Tea or Coffee (which ever is preferred) and one fruit.
    Dinner- 2 to 3 rotis, one bowl of vegetables, one bowl of daal and one bowl of salad.