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  1. Good afternoon Akash Please give her Tab.Doxylamine-Pyridoxine 1 tab 6am and 1 tab 6pm.
    She should avoid fried and fatty foods and prickles.
    Early in the morning before washing her mouth or taking tea ask her to take 2 glucose biscuits.
    If vomiting is severe check that she is not dehydrated ask her to drink plenty of fluids in the form of juices and water.
    Check urine for ketone bodies and blood for electrolytes.
    Best wishes.
  2. User
    ok doctor...but she has constipation .. and she is feelin vry uncomfrtble these days...plz suggest what to do.

  3. Good evening.For constipation she should take plenty of green vegetables, banana 1 daily and drink plenty of fluid that is water .fruit juices total two and half litres in 24 hours.
    Best wishes.
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    gud morning doctor..

    she is taking plenty of water but today is 2nd day she is feeling vry uneasy with constipation.
    and her 3rd month of pregnancy started.

    plz suggest
  5. Good afternoon.Give her Cremaffin liquid plain 2tsf stat orally.
    Give her plenty of green leafy vegetables lightly cooked after thorough rinsing.Banana 1 daily.

    Best wishes.