Voice shaking.

Hello doctor, my voice is not clear and little shaking. I am facing problems when I speak in meetings with my clients, from U.S. not only clients, a new person who is speaking to me for the first time, they are not able to understand my voice clearly. I reduced my pace while speaking still the voice is not clear. Please suggest some tips to increase the voice clarity.

Voice shaking.

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  1. Hi,Bhavin,thank you for posting your query.I can understand your concern.

    I can suggest you following tips to stop your voice from shaking:
    Control your breathing Take deep breaths when you hear your voice shaking, and consciously slow your breathing down to a normal rhythm.Don't wait until the end of a sentence to take a breath..
    Whether you're giving a speech or just need to convey an important message to someone, make sure you have all your information prepared in advance.
    Focus on someone comforting in the audience.
    Practise maintaining energy levels and pronouncing words that you might stumble on.
    Even if you feel nervous, try to convey confidence when speaking.

    Hope this answer will help you.Take Care