Vaginal Pain

Good morning mam..My name is priya..I had severe pain after unprotected sex with my partner .This is first time I am having sex.On first day some bleeding and vaginal pain also happened …i had more pain in the left side of the vagina and it is very rough i am  not even not able to touch …even I am afraid that I may get pregnant …my partner didn’t ejaculate sperm so is it necessary to afraid of pregnancy issue as i am unmarried?

Vaginal Pain
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  1. Hello Priya,
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    I understand your concern.
    I pill is an emergency contraceptive pill. This pill is to be taken soon after unprotected intercourse and should be taken preferably within 24 hours or but can be taken within 72 hours.after that it becomes useless. if taken in time it's 95 % effective . nausea , acidity , abdominal discomfort , breast tenderness , delayed menstruation can b side effects. if there is delayed period , get your serum b hcg level done for confirmation / exclusion of pregnancy. There may be slight pain and bleeding for few hours. But, if it persists for a longer time consult gyanaecologist for further evaluation.
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