Vaginal itching due progesterone gel.

Hello Doctor,  I have gone through frozen embryo transfer on 22 march and doctor suggested progesterone gel to support pregnancy. Now i have some itching in vaginal area. I want to ask that can i use any cream to reduce this itching. Can this affect my ivf procedure???


Vaginal  itching due progesterone gel.
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  1. Thanks for writing to us at Medimetri.Progesterone preparations are commonly used after IVF.Your doctor is suggested some progesterone gel to support can ask for some replacement in from of vaginal tablets or capsules or some oral progesterone preparation if you have itching. It will not affect your pregnancy.You should avoid new synthetic garments as itching may be because of them.You should go to your Gynaecologist for check up to rule out vaginal infection or allergic reaction to progesterone gel.if infection is not there you can take medication for itching but only under supervision of your doctor.I think this will solve your problem.
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    Thank u so much doctor. Can i ask my doctor to shift me on progesterone injections?? Are injections better than gel??? If i shift, results would deflect???
  3. Thanks for writing. Choice of gel and injection depends on experiences of your Gynaecologist.Although efficacy of gel and injections are same,but gel act more locally whereas injections gets into system.If your Gynaecologist is much in favour of gel you might not be the first one to have itching and she should surely advise you some medication for itching.but it is essential to rule out local infection.all the very best.