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  1. Hello Bhagwati and thank you for writing us at Medimetry.Vaccinations are important defenses to protect infants and children with potentially deadly and infectious diseases .Starting from birth with BCG which protects against severe forms of tuberculosis,Oral Polio vaccine and hepatitis B vaccine.At 6 weeks baby should be given DPT vaccination along with repeat dose of OPV.2 more doses of DPT,OPV and hepatitis B are advised before 1 year of age.Rotavirus,HIB and Pneumococcal are other important vaccines to be given before 1 year as per age recommendations.These new vaccines protect against rotavirus infections,haemophilus influenzae and Pneumococcal diseases.At 9 months of age Measles or MMR vaccine is recommended.Vaccination should be given as scheduled and it is advisable not to miss any dose.Please visit a nearby Paediatrician and get baby vaccinated.I sincerely hope this information helped you.Keep me posted on baby's health.Take care and regards!