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    It seems that you have bph and the post void residue is significant.
    Kindly mention your age, known medical conditions and ongoing treatment details and upload the relevant investigation reports so that I may guide you further.
  2. Dear Shubham , You can whatsapp your reports at +918800868744 , also please mention the name of Dr. Surbhi with this question.
    Thank You!
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  4. I have seen the reports and it seems you have obstruction in urinary tract and the best way to diagnose it is to get a CT KUB done.
    Kindly coordinate with a nephrologist and get it done.
    Keep me posted.
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    Computed tomography of Kidneys, Ureters, Bladder
  6. Yes
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    colonoscopy or CT or MRI which is better for small and large intestine check up? doc remmonded colonoscopy ..problem is not digested last 2 months.Go to fresh taking food.whey protein take after workout...after week protein cant digested my body.... what is the best treatment and checkup?
  8. You have 2 different issues and you must undergo CT KUB as well as colonoscopy.
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    any side effects of colonoscopy?
  11. The most common side effects are cramping pain and abdominal swelling caused by the air used to inflate the colon during the procedure. This air is expelled shortly after the procedure, and these symptoms generally resolve without medical treatment.