Urinary tract infection during pregnancy

Hello doctor my wife 5 month of pregnancy during this period my wife feel mild fever(Urinary tract infection during pregnancy). After urine test , urinary tract infection result many. We have consulted with doctor infection heal but after some days again fever and urinary tract infection. Bar bar puss cell ban jate a puss cell ki report many aye hai doctor ni culture test Kiya aur medicine three time change ki but no relief. Bar bar infection hune ki Kya reason ho skta hai

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  1. Good morning Vishal.There are severa reasons for recurrent urinary infection.Female urethra is very short and close to anus and contamination from there is one.Other is if she had a retroverted uterus during non pregnant state that leads to incomplete evacuation of badder and due to persistent residual urine infection occurs.
    Advice her to drink plenty of water and not to hold urine for long time.
    She may take urinary alkaliser like Liq.Alkasol 2tsf thrice daily with half glass of water x 10 days.
    Please Whats App her urine reports both Routine examination and Culture sensitivity and USG report done initially at Medi Metry with mention of attention Dr.Pradip.
  2. Dear Vishal , You can whatsapp your reports at +918800868744 , also please mention the name of Dr. Pradip with this question.
    Thank you!