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  1. Hi Zoha,
    Welcome to MediMetry. We can understand your concern.

    It is suggested that unwanted 72 must taken between 48-72 hours of unprotected sex. . I suggest you to use protection while sex.

    Normal dose of unwanted 72 will not cause side effect but here are some possible side effects of unwanted 72 pill

    1) Skin Sensitivity
    2) Weight gain
    3) Mood Swings
    4) May cause stomach pain and headache
    5) Changes in menstruation
    6) vomiting
    7) Stomach Cramps
    8) High blood pressure
    9) Allergic to Unwanted 72 or Levonorgestrel in any form.
    10) Chronic or long standing Liver disorder
    11) Breast tenderness

    For any other query please feel free to ask .