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  1. Good morning Maahi.What is your LMP ?
  2. User
    It was on 1st June
  3. Thanks Mahi.Dont worry.If period does not occur within 45 days from LMP.Get urine examined after 45 days for pregnancy.
    Avoid tension as that will delay the period.
    Don't take any medicines now as it will do more harm than good.
    You could have used emergency cotracrptive pill at that time but will be no help now.
    I am afraid I can't advice you to resort to MTP pill now.
    Best wishes.
  4. User
    Doctor thanks for the help but iam very much in relief because my periods arrived but late.
  5. User
    But now i suffer from intense pain. Please guide me.
  6. Take Tab.Meftalspas 1tab now and twice daily x 2 days.
  7. User
    Thank you sir
  8. Welcome.