Unprotected sex

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The first day of my last cycle (avg 28 days) was on 26th march 2020. I had unprotected sex on 8th april though he pulled out but felt some semen went in. Had an emergency pill on 9th april afternoon. But had unprotected sex again on 11th april. I have 2 kids already. How can I ascertain that I shall not be pregnant. Should I take another Emergency pill or anything as you advice? Kindly advice whether to to take one more pill or any other medicine.

My Height is  5′ 4″ and  Weight is  (50.8 kg).

Unprotected sex

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    Emergency pills have effect till 120 hrs i.e 5 days.
    It's not advisable to use emergency contraceptive methods very often.
    There will be disturbances in your menstrual cycles along with other side effects like headache, mood changes, weight gain, breast tenderness, decreased libido etc.Stop doing unprotected sex to prevent unwanted pregnancy.
    For detailed discussion consult privately.