Underweight, want to gain weight.

Hello Doctor, I am underweight according to my age and height. I can’t eat more than 2 chapatis, sometimes I feel so hungry but can’t able to eat more than 2 chapatis. Eat only two time in a day, because I don’t feel hungry. I have no disease, I want to gain weight.┬áPlease advice me, is there any problem.

Underweight, want to gain weight.
Family Physician

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  1. Hello Manisha. Welcome to Medimetry. I suggest you do a basic health check up to rule out any medical possibilities. Meanwhile, begin to gradually increase your meal intake starting with few bites to an entire serving. To begin with, include energy rich foods like dryfruits, cheese, butter etc as a part of your routine to supplement with your current intake. Since you cannot eat more at one time, try out short frequent meals. These will help you to increase your calorie intake. Avoid junk foods, sugary beverages and refined foods. Eat one meal dishes like oats- moong dal khichadi with vegetables so that you can make it energy rich too. Do not drink water before meals or till half an hour after meals. Firstly, yes, go for a medical check up to effectively apply diet in a right way. You can also get back to us, once you get the reports in hand. Apart from this. you can also get back to us for any further queries. Thank you.