unable to conceive even after 4 IUI

Hello Doctor,

I am healthy and get regular periods .It’s been 4 years of my marriage but still unable to conceive.

I did HCG test and confirmed that there are no blocks .Since I am unable to bare the sexual pain, Doctors advice we did 4 IUI but still did not get pregnant.

Suddenly I got hyperthyroid 2 years before and it got normal in a month by taking 50 mcg tablet.Please advice me if I need to take any other tests .As of now planning to go for 2 more IUI’s.

unable to conceive even after 4 IUI
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    You must go for IVF now at good center
    There are other other factors also like any vaginal infection, thyroidism,
    tube length is more ,endometrial thickness may be less.
    So cause may be in vagina, in cervix, in uterus, tube in ovary..